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Giving Tree

We love being able to serve the foster families in our community! Learn more about what we're doing!

What are we doing?

In the past Harvest has provided gifts for kids in foster care through the Foster Fairies organization, this year we are working with White’s Residential and Family Services and specifically families in Hancock County.  Because we may be giving gifts to multiple children in one foster family, we are asking for gifts in the $10-20 range so that the gifts are close to equal in value. If you would like to give a gift to more than one child, that is OK!

Here's how to give your gift at Harvest!

1.     Decide if you would like to provide, a toy or clothing item

2.     Pick a child you would like to give to

3.     Take that gift tag from the tree

4.     On the end of the gift tag is a place for your name & phone #

a.     Please fill out

b.     Tear off 

c.     Leave just you tear off section at welcome desk

5.     Return the gift with the tag on Dec. 13

Here's out how to get involved online!

1.     Text the word “Cmas” to 317-699-7020

2.     Pastor Chris will respond and let you know how you can help


If you would still like to give to Foster Fairies, you can still do that by texting the word “Cmas” to 317-699-7020 and Pastor Chris will let you know how to do that.